Safelink Launches New Internet Filtering Service

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 Safelink Internet Services held a ribbon cutting and open house last month to launch a new filtering service for companies and parents alike, and it’s going to radically change internet usage capabilities for those who choose to utilize it.

With the advancements of the Internet and the freedom to view anything and everything online so easily, Safelink saw a need to return control to both parents and employers. In an effort to protect young minds and increase integrity in the workplace, Safelink released Guardian Content Filtering.

The Guardian allows parents and company management to block unwanted or inappropriate websites on all computers, tablets, and smartphones logged onto the chosen network at any desired time. It also allows parents to monitor what children are searching online even if they delete browsing history or use incognito mode.

“It gives more control to the user,” said Ryan Rustici, Safelink sales manager. “Let’s say you’re at work and they’re on the internet at home looking at things they’re not supposed to look at. You will get a message on your phone saying, ‘Johnny is looking at something he shouldn’t be’.”

Safelink currently has 200 towers constructed in the Gem State and is also expanding its services and fiber networks across Eastern Idaho. See what people are saying about Safelink or contact us to check coverage in your area.

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