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As we get ready to embark upon a new and different school year, this is an app to help you during this tumultuous year, Quizlet. Quizlet is a great learning app that helps with studying, preparing for a test and/or learning new concept, and is appropriate for scholars of all ages, from 1st grade to college level courses, and has a free version that is very easy to use.
The Quizlet app is arranged by “Sets,” “Classes” or “Users” while the desktop version has and enhanced search function set up by languages, science, arts and humanities, math, social sciences and more. In the mobile app you can search for study materials, and the more information you can provide the more relevant information you will get. In the Sets tab you can enter a topic or keyword for the subject you want to study, like Communications. The Classes tab is where you would enter the class name or number to find relevant chat or study groups for that coursework. For example, if you are taking a college level math course, you can type in the class number and the college you attend. Last is the Users tab, where you can search for other users or teachers to see what they have contributed, or create a virtual study group.

Once you have located the sets or coursework that you need, you have the option to learn, study flash cards, write, match, and test your knowledge. You can also set up a schedule to help study for an upcoming test. In the class you are studying for you can add the date of the test and the app will send you reminders to study and let you know how many days you have left. Learning is often comprised of multiple-choice questions to enhance your knowledge, keeping track of the answers you know and have mastered. Flash cards are the same as traditional flash cards except in virtual form.

 Match is a fun and interactive way to test your knowledge matching answers to questions as quickly as possible. You will be timed, and it will show where you rank against others who have used that same matching course. You can also play against a friend for an even more competitive twist. Last is the test mode. You can take a test in the beginning to see where you need to focus your studying the most or at the end to test what you have learned. 
Quizlet sets are created by students and/or teachers by creating a set with the information you would like to study. The paid version of the app now allows for you to scan the information in rather than type it.

The basic version is great for most users and has all the functions you need to study, create study sets, and establish a virtual study group with classes. The paid version, Quizlet Plus, offers ad free studying, offline studying, scan to create sets, upload your own images, create unlimited number of classes and is only $23.88 annually so about $1.99 per month. Quizlet is a must use for this new school year and you will wonder why you had not used it before. You can download it here https://play.google.com/store/ for android or here for iPhone https://apps.apple.com/ 

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