Modem/Router Debate

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Is it a modem or is it a router…or does it do both? Most likely you have heard the terms but haven’t really given either much thought. Honestly, I was using the terms interchangeably until I started working for an internet provider and realized that a modem and router are two very different pieces of equipment. You need both and they can be separate pieces of equipment or they can be combined into one. So, what are they exactly?  
Well a modem, short for modulator-demodulator, modulates transmissions to receive and carry data. (Digital Trends) What? In other words, it brings the internet to your home. Kind of like a mechanical or robotic interpreter bringing the information that is sent from the world wide web to your home. Without a modem you can’t access the internet.  
Now on to the router. A router is and does exactly what it says….it routs the internet through your home. It is the “magical” piece of equipment that take the internet form the modem and routes is to your devices. It is the equipment that your phone, computer, or TV connects to access the internet. Historically the router and modem were 2 different pieces of equipment, but now technology has evolved that the router and modem are often one piece of equipment.  
Bonus: Because the router is the gateway that connects devices, the Safelink router also has Guardian device management built in, making it easy to control content and devices on the home network.  

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