Middleton’s friendly atmosphere and mom-and-pop restaurants make for a fun and cozy date night out. After a delicious meal at the Sunrise Cafe, going home for an online movie could be the end to a perfect evening. The last thing you want is to mess it up with slow, frustrating internet speeds. Safelink ensures quick loading times and reliable service, so there will never be a threat of ruining your favorite romantic chick flick. Continuity and speed are important to us so interruptions are never a worry. Don’t let the slow and choppy services of that other provider put a damper on your date night.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlimited Data

No, really. Every package includes unlimited data and no throttling.

24/7, Local Technical Support

No foreign accents, just local specialists available to help whenever you need.

Price Lock

No price hikes or changes for the life of your plan.

Guardian Included

Content and device management built in, so it’s easy to monitor usage and keep kids safe online.

Network Management

You should get the speed you pay for and not slow down because your neighbor starts streaming. That's why we don't oversature our network like the other guys do.


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Residential Plans


$ 49
  • 5 Mbps Download
  • 1 Mbps Upload


$ 59
  • 10 Mbps Download
  • 2 Mbps Upload


$ 74
  • 15 Mbps Download
  • 3 Mbps Upload


$ 99
  • 20 Mbps Download
  • 4 Mbps Upload

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