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Don’t You Have Work to Do?

The digital clock on the microwave glares at you from across the kitchen. One hour left, it nags. You sigh, staring at the blank screen in front of you. Your motivation dries up like a piece of bread left out too long.

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3 Ways to Score Cheap Internet Service

There’s nothing more exhilarating than scoring a discount on something you really want, like that leather jacket you’ve been eyeing or a pair of concert tickets. But how about getting a killer price on something you use to buy that leather jacket online or reserve those concert tickets—you know, your internet? There are a few

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Internet Safety Tip: How to Avoid Identity Theft

In 2016, a study on identity fraud found that roughly 13.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft. That’s the equivalent of every person in Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Oregon having their identities stolen. That’s an astounding number. So, what can you do to protect yourself?

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7 Reasons to Choose a VoIP Phone Service

Remember the days when you avoided calling long-distance relatives, fearing for your phone bill? Or when nights and weekends were the best time to call to avoid excessive charges? Or when you were tethered by a phone cord while you talked? Telephony has changed a lot since those days, and in more ways than just

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Essential Tools to Maximize Your Internet Services

We get you — your internet services are essential to your life, and you can’t waste time worrying about your signal and speed. You trust that each time you log on that you can navigate websites with a smooth, consistent connection. Your family depends on that signal, for your daughter’s SnapChat and Instagram, your Pinterest

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Understanding the Cost of Business Internet Service

A question we hear often is: why is business internet service “marked up” higher than residential services? Business owners, understandably, want to know why they pay more for internet service than their residential counterparts. The short answer: we’re comparing apples and oranges. Residential and business internet, though they may seem the same to the end

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What is Mbps and How Much Internet Speed Do I Really Need?

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow home internet, especially when you’re trying to snuggle up and watch your favorite Netflix show or trying to get some work done. But internet—as you’ve probably noticed—can get downright expensive, especially when you’re trying to increase the speed. Is there a happy medium where your shows don’t buffer for

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Don’t Cut Corners on Your Business Internet Service

You have high standards for your business: you require everything you do to meet your expectations of excellence. From customer service to the products and solutions you provide, you’re consistently aiming high. The tools you use to get the job done should do the same thing, and none more so than your business internet service.

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Military Discounts & Resources for Vets

Veterans Day is a day for America to honor those who have served in every branch of the military. It originally started as Armistice Day in 1919 by President Wilson, to honor those in World War 1 when the fighting stopped on November 11, on the 11th hour. President Wilson commemorated the day with these

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