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The Evolution of the Internet: Part 4

A Continuation of The Evolution of the Internet: Part 3 Hey, guys, I’m back! Are you ready to go back down our favorite rabbit hole one last time? I know I am! I blame Bowser. You see, when all of this started, he was just a twerpy little puppy who disconnected the router, but guys,

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Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday ShoppingThe tradition of holiday shopping has rapidly changed from waiting in lines for your favorite store to open; battling large crowds, pushing, and shoving your way for the last low-priced item. The internet has changed the way we do Black-Friday shopping by creating Cyber-Monday. Cyber-Monday started in 2005 to boost online shopping and

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The Evolution of the Internet: Part 3

The Evolution of the Internet: Part 3 A Continuation of the Evolution of the Internet: Part 3 Hey, I’m back to bring you down the rabbit hole of the history of the internet yet again! So I was just out driving with Bowser– you know, our furry friend that got us started down this rabbit

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App Review Credit Karma

Credit Karma As we transition to a more virtual way of life, and use the internet to provide for our needs such as: online shopping, online school, virtual meetings, and streaming entertainment, now more than ever, protecting our identity online must be made a priority. Identity theft is a rising concern and has grown considerably

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Quizlet App

Quizlet As we get ready to embark upon a new and different school year, this is an app to help you during this tumultuous year, Quizlet. Quizlet is a great learning app that helps with studying, preparing for a test and/or learning new concept, and is appropriate for scholars of all ages, from 1st grade

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Seek app review

App Recommendation: Seek/iNature Get outside. Get Informed. Seek is free, easy to use and offers many tools to help with identifying plants and animals. Depending on what version of the app you get, it can teach you and help you find others with the same passion for the outdoors as you have. I wanted an

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Evolution of the Internet part 2

A Continuation of The Evolution of the Internet Alright. I’m back. Today, I tried having an adult conversation with Bowser (you know, the dog who temporarily killed my internet last time and sent me down the rabbit hole of actually understanding the history of the internet.) I’ll tell you, this whole quarantining and self-isolation business

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Evolution of the Internet

So, last night, my internet was out. I mean, it was only out for a good ten minutes before I realized that the router had been disconnected (the dog is the top suspect for this one), but it made me start thinking about the internet in general. Being in my early 20’s, I have never

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Modem/Router Debate

Is it a modem or is it a router…or does it do both? Most likely you have heard the terms but haven’t really given either much thought. Honestly, I was using the terms interchangeably until I started working for an internet provider and realized that a modem and router are two very different pieces of

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Man frustrated at ipad buffering

How Much Speed (Mbps) Do I Need for Streaming?

Megabytes per second (Mbps) can be confusing. How much do you need? Do different streaming applications need a different bandwidth? If you aren’t very tech savvy, these questions can be daunting and while looking at several different internet packages, you may not know the best one that suits your needs. Safelink Internet can help you

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How to Avoid Identity Theft Online

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have had their identities stolen each year. This astounding yet realistic number is growing each and every year. With June being National Safety Month, Safelink Internet wanted to share five tips to help you stay safe online and

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healthy computing woman with dark hair at computer

Establishing Healthy Computer Usage Practices

If we asked you to make a list of the riskiest professions, you might start with ideas like stunt double, tiger trainer, mountain bike racer, or secret agent. Customer service representative, secretary, and IT professional probably wouldn’t even enter your mind. While all of the adrenaline-fueled jobs on your hypothetical list are pretty risky, you

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