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Business Internet

Your business requires a fast, reliable internet connection that won’t go down, has priority tech support, and scaleable plans that can grow with you. We get that.

That’s what we’re all about.

What is...

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is broadcast signal directly between your business and our local tower. The connection requires a line of site with the tower which is often five miles or less from your location. Safelink towers are linked to our fiber service ring that has primary hubs in both Seattle and Salt Lake City for redundancy and better traffic control. Most other providers connect to 3rd party networks and rely on them to keep their service online.

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Safelink Internet optic fiber cable.

What is...

Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is the ultimate in internet and is considered the fastest connection available. The downside is it’s also costly to install and is not yet available in many locations. Safelink is looking to change that and is actively expanding our fiber network. To see if fiber is available in your area or to request that service be brought to you, click the link below.


No Overbooking

Like airlines, most internet companies overbook theirnetwork assuming only a portion of their customers will use itat any moment. But you can’t afford to take the chance of yourinternet slowing down just because others are on as well. Safelink takes a different approach. Once any of our towers reach 60% capacity, it is flagged for an upgrade so that we never even reach 100% usage. We believe that customers deserve the speeds they pay for and the only way to provide that is by managing the network. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, but we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Map showing Safelink Internet's fiber ring with redundant loop



Safelink internet is backed by a redundant 10 Gig fiber ring that is connected at hubs in both Seattle and Salt Lake City. This provides a strong, reliable, self-healing connection that automatically redirects traffic if one connection goes down. We do this to provide unparalleled reliability and consistent up-time, so you know your business is always online.   


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Business Plans

15 Mbps Download
4 Mbps Upload
20 Mbps Download
5 Mbps Upload
25 Mbps Download
6 Mbps Upload

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Dedicated links

10 Mbps Download
10 Mbps Upload
25 Mbps Download
25 Mbps Upload
50 Mbps Download
50 Mbps Upload
100 Mbps Download
100 Mbps Upload

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Monitoring Plans

2 Mbps Download
1 Mbps Upload
2 Mbps Download
2 Mbps Upload
2 Mbps Download
5 Mbps Upload

Business service plans include priority support and enhanced upload capabilities.

All new activations require

  • New Account Configuration and Setup: $10.00 one-time fee.
  • With a 24 Month Agreement: Free Installation
  • With a 12 Month Agreement: $99.95 Installation Fee/One-Time Payment
  • With a No-term Agreement: $199.95 Installation Fee/One-Time Payment
  • Equipment Rental $9.95/mo. Covers all hardware, including cables, radio, and managed router with optional Guardian device management built in – Equipment is guaranteed for life and includes free upgrades to the latest equipment, software, and firmware to ensure you always have the best Internet connection.
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